Seed treatment of biological origin for wheat and barley that enables a better control of diseases and has long lasting residual power.

Its formulation is completely biological, based on the Trichoderma Harzianum 2 (TH2) strain, selected to be effective in combating the development of the most important diseases in winter cereals such as: Fusarium Graminearu, Drechslera Tritici, Dreschlera teres f. teres and Drechslera teres f. maculata repentis that dwell in the soil and the seed.

  • 100% liquid product for direct on-seed application
  • Compatible with other biological and chemical products
  • Provides vigor effect, producing stronger seedlings
  • Offers extended residual control
  • Promotes new, more efficient and sustained defense mechanisms
  • Wheat
  • Barley
9 L Rizoderma - 3 L Premax T
Application Rate
600 mL / 100 kg of seed ( add 200 mL de premax t)