Silwet L Ag


Super moistening and dispersing adjuvant, only formulated based on trixiloxane and copolymer, without Nonyl phenol.

Silwet has lead the silicon production market used in agriculture for the past 30 years, evolving to obtain Silwet L*Ag. It is a product made up of 100% copolymers and silicon, reaching a great pH stability range, guaranteeing the delivery of its super moistening and dispersing properties in any condition of application.

Specially indicated for situations in which high coverage of the impacted tissue, the spread of the phytosanitary particles and the reach of difficult targeted areas are needed. Its low surface tension allows it to go through the natural openings of the crops. It has a wide-ranging scientific backing.

Recommended for low volume sprays with good environmental humidity.



  • High wetting power
  • Greater adherence
  • Rapid penetration of the agro-chemicals (through stomach and cellular wall).
  • Better coverage: it improves the affinity with the cuticular wax.
  • Reduces washing due to rain.
Application Rate
25/50 ml per 100 litter pulverization in extensive grounds.