Liquid inoculant

Inoculant with Bioinducer technology that maximizes biological capacity of legumes and boosts Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF). It is an innovative formulation that defines a new performance standard in inoculation.

Through the bio-signaling communication, the bio-inductor prepares the plant so it can relate better with its environment, while providing it with better resources to grow.

It promotes the symbiotic association with the Bradyrhizobium elkanii, microorganisms, producing greater activity in the rhizosphere and a more effective nodulation, which allows for an optimal Biological Fixation of Nitrogen. It also stimulates the inter-relation with different valuable microorganisms that are present in the soil that provide additional advantages to the inoculation. It activates mechanisms of resistance to abiotic stress (low temperatures, drought and soil acidity), and induces defensive responses in the interaction with harmful microorganisms.

  • Accelerates communication between root and bacteria
  • Promotes early symbiotic association, activating signals and determinants of nodulation
  • Activates bacteria physiologically, maximizing the plants' ability to fix nitrogen
  • Improves behavior in stress situations, such as hydric deficit, soil acidity and low temperatures
  • Anticipated treatment with seed-applied chemicals (ask your ag-input supplier for specific recommendations)
  • Maximizes the Biological Fixation of Nitrogen even under conditions of abiotic stress.
  • Stimulates greater Biological Nitrogen Fixation
  • Increased yield potential
  • Soybean
3 L Bladder
Application Rate
150 cc de SIGNUM + 50 cc PREMAX /50kg semilla