Rizospray Corrector Secuestrante


Hardness corrector with buffer power that stabilizes the PH and an ability to captor high performing cations that improves the water quality of agricultural sprays.

It is the most efficient cation captor, inhibiting the antagonistic effect produces by Ca, Mg, Fe, Al and other over the phytosanitary. It has a potent buffer power that allows for the correction of its water hardness, ensuring the pH stays at a range of 4.5 to 6.5 by the end of the dosage.

The pH value for which the Rizospray Captor Corrector has been designed has shown that it is the adequate choice for most of the phytosanitary.

  • Excellent buffering power that improves the conditions of application of agro-chemical products.
  • Helps to combat weeds present in lime, clay and other organic matter (soil) or Ca on the surface.
  • Ability to form chelates with the cations, avoiding the precipitation of the captured material.
Application Rate
Para aguas duras 25 cc/100 L de agua